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Gold Star Astrology uses the ancient Vedic science called “Jyotish” to help people understand themselves and others on a deeper, more cosmic level.  It’s proven to be a powerful tool of self evaluation, which often leads to greater acceptance & forgiveness for yourself and your loved ones.

Gold Star Astrology’s Mission:

  • To help people live with greater purpose and integrity.
  • Guiding those who seek knowledge about the laws of nature.
  • Providing analysis and action steps to align with cosmic motion.

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What’s the Difference Between Western Astrology and Vedic?

The most fundamental difference between western astrology & Vedic Astrology is the zodiac. In western astrology, Aries begins when Earth crosses the vernal equinox point (which means the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere). But Vedic Astrology uses fixed background stars, or constellations, to determine the position of Aries. 1,500 years ago these … Continue reading What’s the Difference Between Western Astrology and Vedic?

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