What is Karma?

The word karma means action, but more specifically it means an action that’s connected to consciousness & consequence. So the actions of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and thinking are all ways we experience karma. If something appears on the screen of consciousness, and has an effect on the world around you, it’s karma.

Our actions are determined by habitual thought patterns (called vrittis or neural pathways) and mental/emotional urges (called vasanas). The cycle of action & consequence that most people refer to as karma is just a surface understanding of a more profound & fundamental principle of nature which states that, “the present moment is the culmination of everything that happened in the past, and the future will be determined by decisions & actions we take in the present moment”.

If life is just a sequence of past actions ripening in our conscious awareness (which are trying to teach us the truth about who we are) then it’d be pretty valuable to get your hands on the lesson schedule, don’t you think? Well that’s what we do over here at Gold Star Astrology; evaluate the past so we can understand what’s going on in the present.

Gold Star Astrology
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