The Vedic Ascendant – Spirit takes Form

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, master of Vedic knowledge and teacher of Deepak Chopra, described “The Sequential Progression of Creation” as a process in which all material manifests from an unmanifest state of potential (we call this quantum mechanics in modern day science).

He said the expression of an unmanifest form has 2 values:

  1. Finer value: intelligence
  2. Grosser value: physical existence

We can also define this in scientific terms as:

  1. Theoretical: conceptual knowledge
  2. Practical: personal experience

The astrology signs represent the finer or theoretical value of creation. They are intangible and we experience them through our mental/emotional perceptions. To define astrology signs, we describe certain situations and events in terms of their mental & emotional qualities.

The astrology houses represent the grosser or practical value of creation. They are tangible and we experience them through the 5 senses. To define astrology houses, we describe “real life” manifestations and their physical properties.

The function of a rising sign, otherwise known as the ascendant, is to merge these 2 values. By understanding a person’s rising sign, you have the ability to identify the emotions driving their actions, or vise versa.

Matching a person’s spectrum of emotion to the applicable astrology sign makes it possible to predict the likely actions or outcomes.

And by contrast, matching the outcome to the applicable astrology house makes it possible to understand the spectrum of emotions behind that person’s actions.

Both techniques are equally helpful in understanding ourselves & other people.

This is the formula an astrologer uses to map the lunar cycles, and this is why they’re “on the money” when describing what the cycle means for your rising sign. It’s the mechanics of astrology, but it’s also anchored in natural law. The principles operate throughout all of creation.

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New in 2021 – The Cosmic Coaching Program

Jyotish, Yoga, and Ayurveda are ancient sister sciences meant for the purpose of self-realization, above all else, which means making contact with your ESSENCE, not just your personality.

The human system is LONGING to operate in harmony with the solar system. Our nature CRAVES integration with mother nature, and Vedic Science is designed to facilitate that existential desire.

Some Yoga practices are timed to the mechanics of celestial movement (Sun Salutations for example), and Ayurveda helps us adjust our lives to daily & seasonal changes, but Jyotish can be used as an integral spiritual practice that calibrates your actions and the development of interpersonal relationships to the movement of the Sun & the Moon.

I have been writing about New Moons & Full Moons for several years now, but I also use these cosmic events as a beacon for understanding my own path forward, and it’s a tool that I can depend on for knowing the difference between a calling of spirit and forcing a personal agenda.

Starting in 2021, I’m going to be assisting others with harmonizing themselves to the rhythms of nature, and I’m calling it the “Cosmic Coaching Program”.

If you want to get involved, click here.

Gold Star Astrology “Finding direction in the stars”

What is Vedic Astrology (Jyotish)?

Vedic Astrology is one of the spiritual sciences of ancient India. Like yoga & meditation, which have been embraced by the western world for decades now, the purpose of Vedic Astrology is to make contact with our inner being & spiritual identity. It’s a tool of self-awareness & personal development. It’s known as the, “Eye of the Vedas”, which allows us to classify the universal qualities of nature, identify our personal tendencies, and evolve beyond past conditioning.

The seers & rishis of ancient India came from a more spiritually enlightened period of human existence. The advanced knowledge of Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Mayan cultures were all destroyed in the holy crusades & wars of the dark ages, but India was able to preserve many of the ancient texts & spiritual practices from an earlier age, which is an amazing gift for all of humanity to acknowledge & embrace.

Over the past 120 years, knowledge from that culture has been trickling into to the western world. Indian gurus like Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Deepak Chopra have done a wonderful job of making many of these tools accessible to the western mind, but Vedic Astrology is still a relatively unknown and underappreciated aspect of the spiritual sciences.

An astrological birth chart creates a blueprint of our personal karma. It shows the cosmic energy that was imprinted on our psyche at the moment of physical incarnation. By learning the meaning of each planet & their placement in our birth chart, we begin to integrate with primordial energies & awaken their full expression in our everyday lives. The better we know our placements and their tendencies, the easier it becomes to move forward without repeating our past mistakes.

The moon’s placement specifically allows us to map the sequence of ripening karmas & prepare for their appearance in our lives. Much like a weather forecast, an astrologer can read patterns & make predictions about likely outcomes, but not every thought becomes an action, and not every action becomes a result, so it’s much simpler to trace events backwards than estimate events before they happen.

Vedic Astrology measures the movement, interaction, and geometry between planets & the stars. The language & system of Vedic Astrology is much like the astrology of the Greeks (we know it as our Sun Sign), but Vedic Astrology uses the fixed background stars rather than seasonal equinox & solstice points to measure their location. Part of the philosophy of Indian culture is that “out there” is a mirror of “in here”, so by measuring with the stars we gain insight into the deeper workings of the cosmic self. The path to enlightenment is said to be making the unconscious conscious, and that’s what astrology can help us do.

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What is Karma?

The word karma means action, but more specifically it means an action that’s connected to consciousness & consequence. So the actions of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling and thinking are all ways we experience karma. If something appears on the screen of consciousness, and has an effect on the world around you, it’s karma.

Our actions are determined by habitual thought patterns (called vrittis or neural pathways) and mental/emotional urges (called vasanas). The cycle of action & consequence that most people refer to as karma is just a surface understanding of a more profound & fundamental principle of nature which states that, “the present moment is the culmination of everything that happened in the past, and the future will be determined by decisions & actions we take in the present moment”.

If life is just a sequence of past actions ripening in our conscious awareness (which are trying to teach us the truth about who we are) then it’d be pretty valuable to get your hands on the lesson schedule, don’t you think? Well that’s what we do over here at Gold Star Astrology; evaluate the past so we can understand what’s going on in the present.

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What Does “Vedic” Mean?

Long ago, there was a group of people who lived at the base of the Himalayas in what is now called northern India, along the banks of a river called the Saraswati, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “essence of one’s self”.

These people were truth seekers & wisdom keepers, gathering and sharing knowledge about human nature & universal laws. They were mostly interested in studying the inherent qualities of life and the magic of our planet as being part of a larger, cosmic organism.

Their knowledge was passed down from generation-to-generation over thousands of years using light & sound to imprint the true, subtle meanings of life’s teachings onto the minds of their students. When they finally decided to document these teachings in written form, they called it the Veda, which is a Sanskrit word meaning “to know”.

From these ancient texts (we’re talking 4,000-5,000 years old here), many forms of science & religion were created. One such branch of the Vedic tree is called Jyotish, the science of light (aka Vedic Astrology). With this science we map the stars & locate planets in our solar system, using knowledge of universal laws from the Vedas to interpret their meanings. They called Jyotish “the eye of the Vedas”, because with it we can see everything the mind can perceive.

Teachings of the Veda honor the great work of our ancestors. It gives us the ability to not only walk in their footsteps many thousands of years later, but to perceive the cosmic mind itself & become one with their teachings.  What an amazing gift to use and enjoy.

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“Finding direction in the stars”

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What’s the Difference Between Western Astrology and Vedic?

The most fundamental difference between western astrology & Vedic Astrology is the zodiac. In western astrology, Aries begins when Earth crosses the vernal equinox point (which means the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere). But Vedic Astrology uses fixed background stars, or constellations, to determine the position of Aries.

1,500 years ago these two zodiacs were identical, but over time the seasonal zodiac has drifted apart from the background stars of its namesake. The seasonal zodiac & sidereal zodiac currently have a 24 degree separation, but in another 10,000 years the two zodiacs will be completely inverted.

In other words, western astrology relies on a calendar & ephemeris to determine the placement of planets, but Vedic Astrology has been and always will be observable in the sky. (Btw, the term “astrology” means “that which relates to the stars”)

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“Finding direction in the stars”


Birth Chart Consultation Overview

This is a summary of what we’ll be covering during your birth chart consultation. The cost for this consultation is currently $110.  If you’re interested, please use the “Book A Reading” tab to schedule a consultation:

Phase 1: The Rising Sign
How the stars wrap around the sky at your time/place of birth provides insight into how life unfolds from your perspective. It shows the type of situation your soul incarnated to experience. It’s the starting point of Vedic Astrology because it sets the foundation for how & in what way your life has manifested.

Phase 2: The Ruling Planet
The placement of your ruling planet (which is based on your rising sign) provides insight into the focal point of your life experience. It shows a dominant theme or a recurring pattern of behavior that needs to be addressed, with situations that you’ll need to work on or work through.

Phase 3: The Moon
The placement of the moon at your time/place of birth gives a depth of insight into the way your heart & mind operates, showing how you process & integrate life experiences. It basically reveals your mental & emotional patterns of behavior. The moon placement is a rabbit hole worthy of its own consultation, but this phase will be a summary of what the moon placement indicates.

Phase 4: The Nodes
The placement of the eclipse axis at your time/place of birth reveals the most intense areas of attachment & aversion in your life. One end of the node shows an area of skill & expertise, but potentially deep hidden pain or blind spot from your past, while the other end shows an area of active searching & unconscious pursuit towards future development.

Phase 5: The Cycles of Time  – 
The placement of the moon at your time/place of birth also reveals the schedule for certain “lessons” to appear in your life. The Law of Karma states that everything from the past culminates in the present moment, and the Cycles of Time reveal when your past decisions will come back around to test what you think you’ve learned.

Gold Star Astrology
“Finding direction in the stars”

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The Planets Within Us

The “planets” of Vedic Astrology are the moving objects that can be observed in the sky, of which there are 7 – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.  The Sanskrit word for planet is, “Graha” which is the origin of words like, “grab” & “grasp” because planets are the keepers of our karma.  When their time comes, they will “grab” our attention and deliver the karma we have with that particular energy.  The ancient saying goes, “As above, so below.  As within, so without” which tells us that while we’re a part of the solar system, the solar system is a part of us in return.  We can understand the source energy that manifests into planets by connecting with the same energy that manifests within ourselves.  Here’s a summary of all 7 energetic forces to help you recognize these 7 planets within you:

1) Sun:
The Sun is our source of power and vitality, both in the sky and within ourselves.  The capacity to express ourselves in the world and empower others is related to the Sun.  On a physical level, our body’s health & vitality comes from the Sun.  Through the mind, our capacity to maintain career responsibilities and provide for our family is related to the Sun’s energy.  At a spiritual level, our ability to purify in body, mind, and spirt, becoming one with the universe & reaching “enlightenment” comes from the Sun.  Just like the Sun, we have to be generous with our unique gifts and talents, sharing our light without expecting anything in return.

2) Moon:
The Moon is our source of rhythm and balance, both in the sky and within ourselves.  The capacity to be receptive and establish an emotional connection with other people is related to the Moon.  On a physical level, our body’s fertility cycles and sensitivity to environmental change comes from the Moon.  Through the mind, our capacity to feed, nurture, and respond to other people’s needs is related to the Moon’s energy.  At a spiritual level, our ability to allow, accept, and integrate with each moment “exactly as it is” comes from the Moon.  Just like the Moon, we have to allow our light to wax & wane with no attachments and no aversions.

3) Mars:
Mars is our source of conditioned animal instinct, which fights for survival and defends our boundaries.  The capacity to put ideas into action and do the right thing at the right time is related to Mars.  On a physical level, our body’s strength and protective instinct comes from Mars.  Through the mind, our capacity to surmount external challenges and handle conflict with other people is related to Mars’ energy.  At a spiritual level, our ability to act with courage and discipline comes from Mars.  Instead of blaming others and playing the victim, we need to find and overcome any limitations or obstacles that prevent us from embodying our highest Self.

4) Mercury:
Mercury is our source of cognitive function, which gathers and shares information.  The capacity to try new things, develop skills, and communicate with precision & accuracy is related to Mercury.  On a physical level, our body’s ability to analyze and process sensory input/output comes from Mercury.  Through the mind, our pursuit of information, skills, fun, and social interaction is related to Mercury’s energy.  At a spiritual level, our ability to approach an experience with childlike curiosity and observe life without a confirmation bias comes from Mercury.  When we get stuck in a cycle of conditioned behavior, Mercury helps us find a way out of the current paradigm by changing our perspective and not taking an outcome so personally.

4) Jupiter:
Jupiter is our source of “big picture” beliefs & philosophies that connect the “how” to a “why”.  The capacity to feel a sense of purpose and direction, expanding towards a higher version of ourselves is related to Jupiter.  On a physical level, our body’s ability to grow and heal itself comes from Jupiter.  Through the mind, our belief in other people and worldly philosophies is related to Jupiter’s energy.  At a spiritual level, our ability to trust the invisible energies and use our intuition as a guidance system comes from Jupiter.  Without some kind of answer for why this is all happening, we can’t go on living life and picking ourselves up after life knocks us down, so Jupiter helps us transcend the difficulties of life and keep on believing that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

6) Venus:
Venus is our source of sensual pleasure and enjoyment, which keeps track of our needs and other people’s.  The capacity to compromise some of our desires in service of a mutual goal is related to Venus.  On a physical level, our body’s sensory attractions and regulatory chemicals comes from Venus.  Through the mind, our ability to make other people happy and respect their needs as equal to our own is related to Venus.  At a spiritual level, our ability to experience happiness for no reason, beyond self & others, without condition or transaction, comes from Venus.  All 7 planets are equally important, but it seems that most of our difficulties are wrapped up in our navigation of Venus’ energy.  We come here to test what we think we know in the world of desire and consequence, and relationships (romantic or business) are the focal point of this testing ground.

7) Saturn:
Saturn is our source of time-bound awareness, which is the storehouse of past mistakes that we want to avoid repeating in the future.  The capacity to set boundaries, stick to priorities, and endure short term pain for long term gain is related to Saturn.  On a physical level, our body’s vital functions and ability to stay alive comes from Saturn.  Through the mind, our capacity to hold onto or let go of a long term goal is related to Saturn.  At a spiritual level, our ability to experience peaceful solitude, comfortable silence, and complete stillness comes from Saturn.  Everything we’ve ever accomplished through our own effort is partly thanks to Saturn.  When the going gets tough, Saturn keeps us going, just as long as we aren’t afraid to do the work.

Each of these 7 energies is a component of human nature.  Some components you may recognize as a source of difficulty in your life and others may seem completely natural and operate with ease.  This condition of ease or difficulty is a measurement of your karma with each planet.  If one planet is placed in a difficult area of the sky and influenced by other planets that it doesn’t agree with, it shows that you have difficult karma to work through in your life.  When the time comes that you need to work on that karma, you will receive the fruits of your past actions and you get the opportunity to test what you think you’ve learned.

To find out more about the planets within you, and how the placement of each planet has an impact on your life, please check out our birth chart consultation using the “book a reading” tab in the menu bar.

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