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If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, please select from one of the following options:

Birth Chart Consultation: (Sold Out)
1 hour @ $110.00

This option includes a personalized birth chart plus a 60 minute face-to-face session with a professional astrologer who will talk about the purpose and lessons shown at that moment in cosmic time.

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Coaching Companion: (Sold Out)
15 minutes @ $25.00

This option uses astrology to enhance mental health, trauma therapy, or life coaching services with one of our affiliated healers. The main purpose of the coaching companion is to give appointments a laser focus on relevant issues.

This is a discounted service for GSA “preferred” coaches & therapists only, but can be purchased by the client separately as required. For this appointment type you are selecting a time & date for the birth chart to be prepared, it’s not a face-to-face consultation. This option includes a personalized birth chart & a brief overview of the person’s chart indications.

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