2024 Cosmic Coaching Almanac – For All 12 Signs


This is the 2024 Cosmic Coaching Almanac (PDF file) by Gold Star Astrology.  It’s a resource that shows the date range for each lunar cycle in 2024, plus the corresponding area of life (astrology house) to be working on, for all 12 Vedic rising signs.  This is the basis of Gold Star Astrology’s “Cosmic Coaching Program”.

PLUS – there’s a bonus PDF & video recording from a class that Casey taught at Sam Geppi’s, “Next Generation of Vedic Astrology Conference” in 2021.  It breaks down the Vedic principles behind the collective lunar cycles, and shows how you can participate in alignment with nature’s cosmic rhythms.  Don’t spend another year making resolutions that are out of alignment.  Make resolutions with each New Moon, and move forward with the wind in your sails.


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