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14 November 2023 – New Moon In Vishaka (Libra)

The New Moon represents a union between cosmic forces that create physical form.  Just like a sexual union, when the masculine (Sun) merges with the feminine (Moon), a seed gets planted.  As above, so below.  In Vedic philosophy, spirit takes form because of “karma”, and we can evaluate the collective karma of a lunar cycle using the New Moon’s position in the background stars.  It’s placement in the observable sky shows a specific type of wisdom trying to emerge through the inertia of our past experiences.

We’ve just completed an eclipse cycle that was “planted” in Chitra (Virgo), where our karma with the planet Mercury has been taking form as a willingness (or unwillingness) to gather new information and stay curious despite an urgency to make up our minds.  Have you noticed yourself shutting down?  Turning away?  Plugging your ears?  Perhaps you’ve been following these newsletters, so instead of that you took inventory, stayed engaged, and found yourself on the other side of cognitive dissonance with a broader understanding of the issues at hand.

Libra comes after Virgo, where the structure of information in Mercury’s earth sign gives way to the art of human interaction in Venus’ air sign.  Karmic issues with Venus come in a wide spectrum of possibilities, but the two extremes are a people pleaser who has no self respect and a “my way or the highway” type who has no consideration for others at all.  We all express the entire spectrum from one extreme to the other at some point in our lives, but we usually latch onto a narrow spectrum of expression and create energetic inertia by repeating similar patterns over and over again.  When we’re under the influence of a lunar cycle that’s “planted” in Libra, we’re being called to navigate our human experience in a way that’s not just accurate and precise (what we learned in Virgo), but also considerate of other people and their wants & needs.

Remember to share what’s going on in your heart and mind with others, but also reciprocate that “giving” (perhaps dumping? 😘) by asking the other person to share what’s going on in their heart and mind, too.  We need to put our cards on the table and be open to whatever the situation demands.  Venus requires presence and attention, because human relationships are never absolute.  If we want, “happily ever after”, we have to string together endless moments of “happy right now”.  Are you willing to put in the time and attention to make that dream a reality?

This section of the sky is called “Vishaka”, which means a forked path.  It’s located near the Alpha & Beta Stars of the Libra constellation and it’s governed by “Indra”, king of the gods, and “Agni”, god of fire.  This is the only nakshatra with dual ownership between sovereign deities, which reinforces the cooperative spirit that we need to succeed in the environment of Libra.  Vishaka is also a bridge between Libra and Scorpio, where we learn that not every choice will result in the desired outcome.  Sometimes our desires and abilities are not what the situation requires, and even when we “want it” (or attempt to vibrate at the correct frequency ✨), we can’t force ourselves to fit where we don’t belong.

It’s not always easy to have detachment from the outcome.  Sometimes we find ourselves sucked into the drama because we indulge in the senses and wrap our “happiness” around the idea of attaining an unfulfilled desire.  This is the “forked path” that we find ourselves at during this cycle.  Do you choose the path that’s familiar, which can feel SO MUCH like instinct, or do you choose the path that’s outside your comfort zone and feels a little chaotic?  If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.  Have you tried offering your effort as a gift to the “calling”?  What happens when you detach from the failures AND successes?  Can you?  Do you have the ability?  If yes, would you?  Are you willing to make that sacrifice?  Ok, when?  Can you do it right now?  Take the leap and see how deep that rabbit hole goes 🕳️ 

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