The Vedic Ascendant – Spirit takes Form

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, master of Vedic knowledge and teacher of Deepak Chopra, described “The Sequential Progression of Creation” as a process in which all material manifests from an unmanifest state of potential (we call this quantum mechanics in modern day science).

He said the expression of an unmanifest form has 2 values:

  1. Finer value: intelligence
  2. Grosser value: physical existence

We can also define this in scientific terms as:

  1. Theoretical: conceptual knowledge
  2. Practical: personal experience

The astrology signs represent the finer or theoretical value of creation. They are intangible and we experience them through our mental/emotional perceptions. To define astrology signs, we describe certain situations and events in terms of their mental & emotional qualities.

The astrology houses represent the grosser or practical value of creation. They are tangible and we experience them through the 5 senses. To define astrology houses, we describe “real life” manifestations and their physical properties.

The function of a rising sign, otherwise known as the ascendant, is to merge these 2 values. By understanding a person’s rising sign, you have the ability to identify the emotions driving their actions, or vise versa.

Matching a person’s spectrum of emotion to the applicable astrology sign makes it possible to predict the likely actions or outcomes.

And by contrast, matching the outcome to the applicable astrology house makes it possible to understand the spectrum of emotions behind that person’s actions.

Both techniques are equally helpful in understanding ourselves & other people.

This is the formula an astrologer uses to map the lunar cycles, and this is why they’re “on the money” when describing what the cycle means for your rising sign. It’s the mechanics of astrology, but it’s also anchored in natural law. The principles operate throughout all of creation.

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