The Cosmic Coaching Program

Jyotish, Yoga, and Ayurveda are ancient sister sciences meant for the purpose of self-realization, above all else, which means making contact with your ESSENCE, not just your personality.

The human system is LONGING to operate in harmony with the solar system. Our nature CRAVES integration with mother nature, and Vedic Science is designed to facilitate that existential desire.

Some Yoga practices are timed to the mechanics of celestial movement (Sun Salutations for example), and Ayurveda helps us adjust our lives to daily & seasonal changes, but Jyotish can be used as an integral spiritual practice that calibrates your actions and the development of interpersonal relationships to the movement of the Sun & the Moon.

I have been writing about New Moons & Full Moons for several years now, but I also use these cosmic events as a beacon for understanding my own path forward, and it’s a tool that I can depend on for knowing the difference between a calling of spirit and forcing a personal agenda.

Since in 2021, I’ve been assisting others with harmonizing themselves to the rhythms of nature, and I’m calling it the “Cosmic Coaching Program”.

If you want to get involved, click here.

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